Glucose - breakfast of champions

At the clinic. I just drank a couple glasses of glucose solution - hopefully that was what it was, it tasted sweet at least so I guess they picked the right bottle. The nurse was a boy looking like a high school kid, perhaps they have work training or something? Or neoteny is marching on. In any case, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence when health personnel look like they are 16. Life is not an anime.

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Origin / EA Downloads

 I am pleasantly surprised (which admittedly does not take a lot when it comes to Electronic Arts). Downloading the two older expansion packs for Sims 3 was ridiculously cheap - in fact, even cheaper than advertised on their website.  And I get to install them 5 times, more if I uninstall. Installation is slow but automatic.  (I resent not being able to choose which disk to install to, but it does not actually matter with small stuff like this.) For the people who just want to have fun, it seems very close to perfect. Buy online, go make your favorite dinner and press play when you return. It seems unlikely, but EA may have done something right. True gamers will probably resent the idiotproofing, even more so than I, but I am not sure that is where the money is anymore.

"Are there wild dogs bearing down on you?"

You save like 0.1 seconds writing “u” instead of “you” at the cost of making yourself look like an absolute idiot. Is there any reason you’re trying to shave off this time? Are there wild dogs bearing down on you as you write why we need another look at Obama’s birth certificate? If so, run from the wild dogs and write your comment later. Your whole sentence shouldn’t scream, “I’m a useless idiot with nothing important to say.” You should never write like that unless you actually are a cat expressing your desire for a cheeseburger.

Frank J. Fleming, Tips for Not Appearing Crazy on the Internet.
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reimbursement-based medicine

We used high-tech, state-of-the-art measures to prove the power of simple, low-tech, and low-cost interventions. We showed that comprehensive lifestyle changes may stop or even reverse the progression of coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and other chronic conditions that account for at least 75% of the $2.1 trillion in health care costs.

I thought that when we published our findings in the leading medical journals that this would change medical practice. In retrospect, that was a little naïve; good science is important but not sufficient to change medical practice. Despite the talk about evidence-based medicine, we really live in an era of what I call "reimbursement-based medicine"--it's all about the Benjamins.

-Dr. Dean Ornish, in Huffington Post.
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Immunity to distance: 10%

OK, this is getting ridiculous. See, a week and a half ago I decided to walk for an hour every day when feasible, or half an hour if not. It has been feasible almost every day so far. But the last couple days I seem to have leveled up or something. Both yesterday and today I had to walk noticeably longer to get a full hour, especially today. I usually take the route I have used most Saturdays since I moved here, to the grocery shop and back. But now after 20 minutes I pass the gas station that used to be my 25 minute marker. Which means unless the road has shrunk, I am walking considerably faster. (The stiffness in my legs each day certainly agrees with this.) Yet when I return after an hour, I have used 10% fewer calories than I used to spend on my Saturdaily walks.

In other words, after a week and a half I move 20% faster but use 10% less energy - not on the same distance but the same TIME spent at the faster pace. I seem to be developing immunity to distance. At the current trend, I will be able to teleport to the shop and back around the time my lease runs out... 0_0

Well, obviously not. Life is not a superhero game. Or that's what I've been told. I suspect random variations in metabolism or something.
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Kindle for PC installer - registration timed out (solved)

Evidently Amazon has served a defective installer for the last few months, but someone has thoughtfully kept the old one and made it available.
I had this problem and the old installer fixed it (on my Win 7 PC).
This is a link to a post about the problem and its solution, not a direct download. Download link is in the post though.
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