Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland


I woke up after three and a half hour because my feet were itching. I won't complain though.
My dream had already lasted for a while when we were going outside and I saw people walking on the shore looking as sea shells and starfish and such. The water had pulled back, leaving a lot of sea bottom exposed which seemingly normally wasn't. I was a visitor, but from the reaction of people walking around there looking, it seemed to me that this was not normal. I said to the people from the conference: "I wonder if this may be a tsunami. The water is pulled out before those." It had only pulled out a few feet more than at low tide (you can guess from the vegetation) but it was still draining away. Then it wasn't - I saw the first wave rising out at sea. Some wanted to run, but it was already a bit late for that, given the terrain. Someone who seemed to know what he was doing said we should make a tight ring by twining our arms. I doubt that will be useful in real life, and I doubted it in the dream as well, but I did not have a lot of good ideas myself. Besides there were cute young women, and there are worse ways to end your days than holding hands with those. So we did. Luckily the wall of water broke further out, but water still came and washed around our legs. Whether because of our formation or not, nobody was sucked out and we hurried further inland, as I knew there would be more waves. We retreated into a warehouse that was built into the mountain, partly around natural caves and partly constructed. I am not sure about the wisdom of that, if the tsunami had been larger; but it was only a small one, since it had broken so early. And there was no higher ground, unless we planned to scale the cliffs. The atmosphere was rather somber, as can be expected. None of us had been in a tsunami before. I believed that we would be OK since it had reversed so early, while others were more scared. We looked for things in the warehouse that might be helpful, it seemed to belong to a supermarket as there were a lot of different stuff lying around. The next wave came and again we joined together, but it just barely spilled in over the floor. There was some water damage to the stuff but none of us was really at risk, and the later waves were less. My last memory was of a remote friend and his friends having eaten some of the foodstuff they found, claiming that it was an emergency so it was OK. But I knew him to be the kind of person who did not much bother about who owned what. The emergency was hardly about food anyway, but he tried to explain that it was best to have some calories inside just in case.

I was kind of glad to wake up, even if it was to itchy feet.

That was a bit over half an hour ago. I think I shall try to get some more sleep now, and hopefully find time for a short HoloSync session in the morning.
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