Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Bill-paying day

This month I actually paid more in bills than I earned. Of course, that includes the brainmouse and the netbook computer, as well as the utility bill for this quarter. Still, it could not have happened at a better time. I had so much money in there, I had to look back and make sure I had not received someone else's payment by mistake. My income is barely "working class" by Norwegian standards, so I am not used to having money sloshing around. It looks OK though, I guess I have just not paid attention. It is still nothing to buy a house for or anything, and I suppose it is all going to vanish when next I need to move anyway. Movers are expensive here in Norway, where manual labor is rare and demands a premium.

You know, this wasn't all that interesting. Everyone pays bills. Oh well.
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