Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland


I woke up after approximately 4 1/2 hour of sleep, after dreaming a long and exhausting dream.
It was about a train ride. In my dream, my second brother and I drove first to this small city further east on the South coast of Norway. I haven't talked with him in a long time in real life, even though we are still friends. (At least I am still a friend, I just don't contact people, not even my closest family.) In the dream, we had an interesting conversation while he was driving, but I have forgotten what. It's been a long dream, and I got other things to think about later in it.

My brother and a few friends and I entered the train in that small city. The train had two floors, which they don't have in real life, at least not here in Norway. I realized it was my fault, I had made them that way. (Which is true enough, but I did not yet realize I was dreaming. I guess I was thinking like one of those News Age people who believe they are manifesting their universe. You should all be so happy that I am not actually manifesting this universe.) The train stations had two floors too, as well they should, since there were no staris inside the train. At least none that I could find. I was alone on the top floor while my friends was down on the first floor. So as the train stopped on a station, I went out in order to go in downstairs with them. But before I could get back in, the train drove off. And I had all my stuff in there, including my cell phone. (And some official papers, which I had discussed with the train attendants already.)

Things were not looking good. But then I met this guy with a steam-powered tractor which he had made himself. It was totally not legal, but there was this small group of hobby mechanics doing stuff like that and the local police just looked another way. The tractor even had several small wagons of agricultural supplies after it, so it was like a small train itself. We talked for a while in a local cafeteria, and it was clear that everyone knew him and his friends but officially they and their contraptions did not exist. They competed in building the best steam vehicles, and this guy was the best of the best. My newfound friend offered to catch up with the train for me. So I jumped in with him and we set off. Boy could that thing run. We were on the highway, which luckily had very little traffic at the time, and soon overtook the train. He let me off near a small station in the middle of nowhere.

Now the train was coming, and I first went to the top platform, because I had my stuff in there on the top floor. But then I decided to go down, since that was what I had tried in the first place. So I went down, but the stairs did not take my directly down to the lower platform, but rather into some interior tunnels. By the time I came out, the train had closed the doors and was about to leave without me again. So I jumped on the front of the train and clung to it as it began to move, hoping that the driver would notice me.

And then I woke up.

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