Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

A blessing in disguise?

I got a mail from Fictionwise, my preferred supplier of e-books. One of their suppliers is closing delivery on January 31st. (That is actually better than what could be feared - the Great Culling is likely to hit this business as well as others, and it could easily have closed overnight.) While Fictionwise says it only affects 4% of their books, it is still 11 of the ones I have bought. I went to download a copy of each.

Unfortunately, you need to have an activated copy of Microsoft Reader on your PC to download books in MS Reader secure format. My last activated copy is on my pocket PC, but I cannot download to my PC (where the book would be simply a useless, encrypted file) and then transfer it to my pocket PC for the actual reading. No! Must be on the PC! (Who read books on their PC?) And of course I have used up my number of installs, since I get a new computer every year. I can get more activations through my MS Passport account, but it is tied to an email account at my previous ISP, some years ago.

Despair not! Fictionwise is supplying replacement for most of the books - planning to supply all, when they have talked with the copyright holders - in their own eReader format. This will conveniently bypass the Microsoft bureaucrazy. The price is that I will have to install a third ebook program on my Pocket PC, in addition to MS and Mobipocket. But I still have nearly a gigabyte left, so not overly worried about that...
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