Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Peace and quiet!

This morning I got on the bus on an earlier stop than I sometimes do, thinking that I wanted a seat. I can be greedy like that, though I guess I would still exchange places with elderly people standing. This turned out not to be necessary: We were two passengers on the bus, the only one to arrive in the city shortly before opening hours. (It was still about 10 minutes late, I know not why.)

It is the same thing at work: I briefly saw a coworker, but that was that. Norway seems to have largely shut down for the Christmas (or Yule, as it is still pronounced here). Not that I compline. Getting full pay for 3 hours at work is sheer luxury. I'd happily do the same on New Year's Eve, but we have one of those off. Everyone else wanted the Yule off, so there you go. Being a "heretic" sure has its compensations.
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