Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Time to start a new novel!

As I just told in a comment, my nearly 25 000 words of novel evaporated last night without me noticing. I am not sure if this is because I started a new project while I was still "logged into" the old project (each project being one novel usually) or because I installed Windows XP's service pack 3 after much nagging from my computer. Most likely the new project though, because the rest of my documents seem to be there. Next time I will definitely exit the program first before starting a new project - it was a kind of interesting story, although I suppose the catgirl chapter could be a bit ecchi if you lean that way. I doubt God killed the kitten though. Well, personally I mean. Most confusing, the autobackups from November 1 are still there, but all the later autobackups have gone the same way as the RTF folder. Also I did not take external backup (despite having several such devices) since it was just a first draft anyway.

Anyway, a new modern fantasy / romantic comedy / Lightwielder novel has begun. Yay. We can't risk finishing before deadline, now can we? Not after taking the whole month off from work.
Tags: nanowrimo, software
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