Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

This can't end well...

Pirate Bay tops 20 million peers (Torrentfreak)

I am not happy. Now that it far exceeds Amazon and iTunes, the world's law enforcers can probably not avoid a concerted action. This would be a great loss for us who see pirates as the last resort of justice.

For instance, the Sims 2 expansion pack "Seasons" came on a low-quality CD (it is sold by Electronic Arts, after all) and stopped working after a couple months. I got a no-cd crack from Pirate Bay, and could continue to play my legally bought game until the next expansion pack came out (I've been luckier with the other CDs).

For another instance, I have twice tried to rent streaming movies from a Scandinavian distributor associated with my utility company. In each case, technical problems caused the movie to crash partway through and fail to restart. I downloaded the movie from Pirate Bay, watched it and deleted it.

For yet another instance, when I buy CDs with Jpop from, they may take up to three weeks to arrive. To listen to them while they are still fresh, I download them from Pirate Bay after I have paid for them.

You could also use it to preview expensive titles before deciding whether to buy them, but I haven't used them that way yet.

But it takes an incredible honesty to live outside the law. Maybe this planet is not yet ready for such freedom.
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