Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Spore diaries: The Shmitziverse

I played Spore this Sunday again. I still do so occasionally. Barring death or seriousness, I will probably do so occasionally until I feel I have explored it. In particular, I would like to try terraforming, which I love in other games.

My second spacefaring race is doing somewhat better. I am exploring cautiously, plunking down colonies when I can afford to, and running quests for the religious space empires. Better they pay me than I pay them! Evidently doing the occasiona quest for them makes them lay off the frequent demands for sporebucks. May as well spend my time working for them as working for myself only to give them the cash.

Another thing, though. The only friend I know of who admit to playing Spore is shmitz, but he is a lot more productive than I am. So much so, that I find myself surrounded by his creations at nearly every turn. It is as if I am living in the Shmitziverse, as if I am playing inside his head and I and my four creatures are all figments of his vast imagination along with everything else in our world. It is intriguing and mildly disconcerting. Not that his creatures are particularly bad neighbors, although they certainly are a mixed lot.

Anyone else want to confess? Or is it just us two? (Well, more like one and a half, in which I am the half for a change.)
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