Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Woo, fun with Vista

Finally got the Vista machine on the Network by renaming the default network name on the Vista machine. Happiness ensues. Also got Opera up and running. Installing City of Heroes. Even though I copied in a complete CoH folder at the target location, it still downloads every file to check if it really is the same. Muh. Sims 2 w/ all expansion packs installed. Copied neighborhoods and downloads from main machine. Started Sims 2. Neighborhoods were missing or unchanged. Exited game. Found that more than half of neighborhoods were not moved during the file-move operation, while some were. Moving them again. This time it took half of those that were left. The next time it got it all though.

I have read that Vista comes with a free "downgrade" option to earlier Windows versions. Seems like a good idea now. On the bright side, my first machine with actual 4GB RAM. (Terra has 4GB but can only access 3.2 because of 32-bits Windows XP.) More testing is in order.
Tags: computers
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