Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Back pain

It is, from what I hear, almost the norm for office workers around 50. For me it is a rare thing, perhaps because of good genes or perhaps I move about so much. (I don't have a car so even getting my groceries or going to work means some modest level of physical activity.) Unfortunately pain gets in the way of exercise and exercise gets in the way of pain, so a downward spiral is never far away once a random pain attacks. I try to move about to the extent I still can, just no exerting myself. But unless I heal up quickly, I should probably not take the train trip on Sunday night and Monday. Train is sexy and I love it but it does unspeakable things to your back when it goes on and on. Of course, bus and car are even worse. I got this on the bus home from work yesterday. Or rather that was where it set in.

Since I never write when some affliction stop, my readers probably think I'm just barely alive by now. It's not quite that bad. Right now it's this and the randomly recurring intestinal aggression that remind me that I'm not an immortal superman after all.
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