Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Yesterday's Spore post, today!

I decided to just play on with my Creature instead of moving on to Tribe. I now hav 5-5-4-4 socials, and added one of my nestmates when I lost a follower. Charming yellows is now a fairly sure thing, so I keep racking up DNA points and also getting new and better parts. And not only that: At some point (perhaps after the message about having 20 allies) some of the formerly orange mood species have changed to yellow, meaning I can visit them without getting attacked. I intend to spend my next Spore session doing the same. I have this vague notion that some of them will be transplanted to other planets by UFOs and will remember me when I start exploring the univers. I may be wrong, but anyway a good reputation cannot hurt. Besides, it is fun. There are so many weird critters around!

Unfortunately my Sagtakkus won't fly even with two sets of wings. It only has a jump button, the fly button is grayed out. My nestmate flies a little though, which confuses me. Perhaps my game is buggy? It is no big deal, since I'll use an UFO to fly if I ever get that far, but it would have been interesting to try.
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