Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

I am not a racist, but...

Aren't black women, on average, sexier than white? Now, this is obviously not a scientific statement, although I am sure there is a science of sexiness and scientists getting grants for studying it. Actually, I don't even have a large sample, mostly the ones I have seen in real life. (I don't have a TV and I rarely go to the cinema - not every year, on average.) Also, Africans are even much less common here in Norway than in the USA. I would not be surprised if they make up only 1% of the population in this city. And even of those, some are Muslims and walk around in tents, so I don't have an opinion on those. The rest, however... I would say that around half of them fall into the top ten percent of hot women I've seen around here. There are some truly unremarkable specimens even there, of course, but it is still disproportional. Either they really are sexier, or I have some highly unlikely fetish. (Highly unlikely because there were none of them around when I grew up.) It is not the skin color - I find the men not handsome at all, although the only (white) woman I have discussed this with insisted that it was the black men who were hot. The guys cerainly don't seem to have a problem finding a white hand to hold.

I would blame some instinct for genetic diversity: Mice have this, after all. Female mice prefer males they are the least related to (male mice will mate with anything vaguely mouse-like, I assume). Then today I read in an otherwise interesting article in New Scientist that only 2% of black women married white men, even though there is a natural lack of black men to marry. (Because they are dead, in jail or disappeared - not sure that applies in Norway though, New Scientist is a UK publication.) It could be that black women simply cannot accept our tiny penises, but if it is the men who aren't crazy about black women, I have no idea what they are thinking with. Perhaps their brains, but since when did men do that about these things?

So, is it not an accepted fact that Africa has spun out the sexiest women on this planet? Or do they all come to Norway for some reason? Or is it just my inner rodent talking?

(This is pure curiosity on my behalf, of course. I don't actually rub against people in real life.)
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