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What's with NaNoWriMo waking up in the summer each year?

I am not the only one, judging from the forum. The National Novel Writing Month becomes restless when the days turn oh so slightly shorter. And like several earlier years, it is a song that jumps out and begs to be my muse for this November. (Actually, Caritas jumped out first and offered itself for book 4, which is why I bought this CD in the first place. But Book 3, which I hope to write this fall, is supposed to have humility as its theme. I also had a sketchy idea of the setting. Imagine my amazement when this song actually seemed to know my plot synopsis and added to it.

Almost four years have passed since the previous book, meaning our hero should be 22 or so. He has continued to grow rapidly in Attunement to the Light, due to his association with a high-level Servant of the Light and his tireless work for the coastal villages. The magical gifts of the Light are unfolding, but it has happened very gradually and there has been no time to think about it. In any case he is still a newbie compared to his mentor. And then he is sent to escort two teenagers to another part of the continent. The boy (14) is worshiping the Lightwielder from the start. The girl (17) is wary, but various events cause her to become impressed and eventually fall in love with him - or that is what she thinks. The moral dilemma of this book is to avoid ego inflation under relentless worship.

The romance part should be more dreamy and less physical than in Book 2, which was after all themed "chastity". Not that the casual reader would necessarily feel that way, but that was kind of the point. 18-19 year olds don't feel like chastity, normally. And 22-23 year olds don't feel like humility, normally.

Now for the song. The English text is sung by a young woman. (You can actually listen to it here, while supplies last.) Or read the lyrics, and imagine a teen girl thinking this way about a miracle worker. It is a recipe for disaster, save for extreme humility. (Any parallell to supposed miracle workers in our reality is purely generic.) Anyway, I was like "wow, this song has read my novel before I began writing it!" Notice the part about "forgive me all the secrets and the lies"? That's the one defining trait about Lightwielders, they are physically unable to lie and have to confess and repent their earlier lies to even begin touching the Light. Unfortunately it is not quite as fast and easy as she thinks. But I'll write about that in excessive detail in November... Light willing.

Also, I very much hope I can lean on zombiebanana to draw my online cover again. It was you, wasn't it? My friends keep changing names to include fruits and vegetables so I am worried that I'm losing track of you. I hope we can get started earlier this time.
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