Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

I got sick! At work! At least I get paid for it.

Runny guts, queasiness, shivering and general malaise. And I have not eaten anything challenging since last week at least. (Unless you think Pepsi and Xylitol-based chewies are challenging. It's what's for lunch.) No fat, no meat, no spoiled food. On Sunday I ate nothing for most of the day, then a box of canned fruit in the evening.

But for now, the trick is finding out when I can get home without shitting my pants. (I almost never throw up unless I am desperately ill. Like fainting on the floor ill. The other end however is like a political blog: It's amazing how much shit it can produce on the slightest provocation, and no amount of reason can stop it until it has run its course.)

EDIT: Made it home! I set off after an involuntary nap. With my fat poisonings, this extreme drowsiness is usually the last phase. Obviously this was not a fat poisoning, since I haven't eaten fat since Friday at the last, but perhaps other poisonings work the same. I still have a slight headache and dizziness, but not extremely so.
Tags: health, work
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