Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Fate and potato salad

I bought my favorite potato salad before this weekend. Grill potato salad with maize-corn and barbeque spices. It is only available in the summer, unfortunately. So, about eating it... On Saturday I didn't because it was too hot. (I need to heat these things until the fat runs out, since fat makes me violently ill. Besides, it greatly improves the taste.) It was so hot, I was mostly drinking juice and water through the day, and some yogurt. No frying for sure. Then on Sunday, my stomach hurt (as it tends to do if I sleep on my right side the night before - I am not sure this is normal, but it's been like that for some years). So I couldn't eat anything that day either. And now on Monday, the weather is cool and my stomach doesn't hurt - but my guts are running wild. I have only eaten small portions of mild stuff all day. So the salad is still not opened. I wonder if fate is going to make a sport out of this and see if it can keep me off the salad until it spoils in the fridge...
Tags: food, health
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