Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

New LiveJournal strikes again

So LJ sent me an e-mail linking to a crash course in how to get what you want by acting contrite. I'm so sorry I suddenly unbuttoned your blouse, but I promise I won't need to do that anymore once I have pulled down your pants.
Actually in our more platonic relationship with LJ, it was We apologize for eliminating new Basic accounts, they will be back as soon as we have changed Basic accounts to include advertising.
Good news: We still get to keep the underpants, as in basic users not seeing ads on their friends' journals and communities they watch. For now.

Kind of makes me wonder how Google can PAY Bloggers to place unobtrusive ads wherever they want on their journal.

Mind you, I have spoken up in favor of Internet advertising since 1998, at which time I had only dial-up access, which was so slow that ads made me wait for the actual content, and furthermore I paid by the minute for that dial-up so ads actually was a visible expense on my household budget. I supported advertising then and I support it now: Making the gullible people pay for the cynical people is a principle I'd like to extend to all areas of life. (I also, not by coincidence, support state-run lotteries.)

It is the goddamned hypocricy I hate. (And there are few things more God-damned than hypocricy.) If I am not allowed to be a hypocrite, neither should anyone else!!
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