Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Mandatory parent insurance

Raising kids is expensive. They need food, clothes, education, and various stimulating activities. If you should suddenly leave your mortal coils, who will pay for your child to grow up and go to college?

Therefore I want to air the concept of Mandatory Parent Insurance. Anyone who wants to breed should have to first arrange for an insurance that will fully cover the average cost of raising a child to adulthood. (Obviously some children have special needs. We will not be concerned about this here. It is included in the average.) The insurance will kick in at the point where the parent is for some reason unable to provide for their child.

Unlike the American model of private health care, failure in this case is not punishable by death. Merely forced sterilization. This ensures that the non-payers don't get an advantage in numbers. Their genes will still be in the next generation, but in a moderate quantity so as to prevent reverse social Darwinism.

I haven't seen this implemented anywhere yet. I guess opposition from fecundity-based religious pressure groups has kept it off the public agenda. But please notice that in this moderate model, it is perfectly acceptable for the church to pay for the Mandatory Parent Insurance. There is no requirement that the parents themselves provide the money.

Note that correct naming is important for this measure to gain acceptance. We need to convey the fact that this is for the sake of the children.
Tags: politics
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