Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Distributed energy supply is necessary

In case of a pandemic or other large-scale disruption, having local energy is vital to preserving society. Solar energy is only produced during the day, obviously, but there are methods for storing at least some of the energy (though there is of course a loss involved). Wind power is also spotty, but its pattern is not the same as for solar, so they would overlap. These energy sources do require maintenance (contrary to popular belief) but the need is not acute like with nuclear power, where the last person to leave has to close down the plant. Local production also adds resilience toward power lines being destroyed, for instance by forest fires.

Even six hours of power a day is enough to perform most of a family's essential tasks, like food preparation, hygiene and electronic communication. (And not least, recharge the Nintendo DS, thus maintaining the essential sanity of the parents.) It is also enough for deep freezers to maintain their temperature with some slight variation. Food may not last for as many months as it does now, but enough that you won't need to leave the house during the run of a pandemic.
Tags: politics
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