Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Age of Conan, quick impressions

The game is unnecessarily detailed in graphics, and will probably eat whatever graphics card you can throw at it. It does however provide lower settings and will probably accommodate any recent desktop machine and some laptops. I did not personally notice any difference between high and medium graphics on my CRT monitor, so it may be worth experimenting a bit. I also have a bug where my character is only parly visible until I go into video settings and click "apply". (No need to change anything.) This happens every time I start the game.

The character creator is excessively detailed. The butt slider really exists, but it has limited range so you can't create a hottentot with it. Likewise the rest of the many different sliders - you can not exceed a fairly Eurocentric range of shapes. This may be part of their "no orcs, no elves, no dwarves" policy. And of course the Hyborian universe is fairly well established graphically through years and years of comic books. The in-game graphics stick fairly close to the classic style.

The much-hyped adult rating seems a bit unnecessary, at least early in the game. The opening video does have some dismemberment, but actual combat is so fast and furious that you have no time to enjoy the blood splattering on the inside of your computer screen. (Yes, it does that under certain conditions, but it evaporates quickly.) And the corpses decay very quickly after the fight, so there is little time to admire them, much less collect them and stack them like you can do in Oblivion. What's with the mature rating when you cannot even defile the corpses of your enemies? As for the other adult thing, the early game at least is less sexually suggestive than the average chat room. Well, Scandinavian chat rooms at least. This game is Made in Norway after all! I am not sure I would have bought it otherwise. And I am sure I won't be subscribing to it in the long run.

Still, for someone who in the past owned a few hundred Conan comics, it was kind of interesting to see. I'll probably play it a few hours more before I decide to shelve it for good. Also I still haven't tried a bear priest. Can't skip the furries!
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