Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Random sickness, episode (n)

On the bus to work, I unexpectedly got an attack of fat poisoning, or at least the symptoms I usually associate with it. It is a pretty strange mix of gastro-intestinal and neurological symptoms: A feeling of intense cold, with shivering and shaking, and twisting of the stomach and intestines that cause nausea and either diarrhea or pains similar to gas pains. Intelligence is drastically lowered during the attack, which usually ends in an extreme urge to sleep, no matter where. Luckily this attacks seems to be milder than some, but I am still drowsy now. It is a good thing I can do most of my work in my sleep. I am confused about the source this time though, I ate some chocolate on Saturday evening (it usually takes 1-2 days) but I thought it was not enough for this.
Tags: health
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