Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Careful what you wish for - you might just eat it

It is 3 years since the Easter when I got violently ill for two weeks and finally found out that I could no longer digest fat. (It had probably been building for a while, since I see similar symptoms in old diary entries, just not as often and as extreme.)

I haven't talked with the doctors about it ever since I found out. Perhaps there is a cure - but if I am cured, I will almost certainly return to my normal eating habits and my normal weight (which has probably increased in my absence - it tends to increase gradually until our 60es). More important than the weight is the percentage of calories taken as fat - if this is low enough, the body will not waste fat on plaques in the arteries. Less than 10% and the plaque actually starts dissolving. O_O I don't think I eat quite that little fat, but it is probably gradual rather than an on-off switch.

This entry brought to you by having to put half my dinner in the fridge because I ate a few snacks earlier.
Tags: food, health
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