Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Another night, another weird dream

In my dream, I was yet again someone else, I think. Certainly my friends were no one I know. Which may be just as well, since there was an Allosaur outside our house. It was not exactly scared of people: I noticed it when it scratched itself against the corner of our house. Boy are those bastards quick. The zombies on first floor were also a nuisance. Hitting them with a small hammer did no good.
There was also a chest, or coffin from the look of it, that could give you eternal life or at least a rather long-lasting immunity to death. But first you had to take a test, by solving a riddle and placing certain tokens in a pattern on its top. Sadly the riddle gave no clue as to placing the tokens, that I could see, so it was all up to dumb blind luck. I refused to play such a game.
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