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Snow, LJ and Good Friday

The snow keeps snowing! There is now 1-2 feet of the white stuff outside. This is a good neighborhood, so nobody is shoveling it on Good Friday. Me neither, even though I have a very relaxed attitude to days who are supposedly holier than others. Rituals belong to an earlier stage of life, is what I think.

Even so, Good Friday is a day when most nominal Christians take some time off for their religion. As opposed to, say, spending the day on LiveJournal. This is why I was utterly baffled to find that a supposed "content strike" or boycott was supposed to happen on this day. I mean, come on. Looks like certain people want to take credit for the natural decline in journaling that actually is caused by Jesus, not by them. It is quite enough to erase whatever moral high ground they might have had in the first instance.
Tags: livejournal, religion, weather

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