Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Norton 360

My first time installing Norton 360! I used Norton Antivirus on a machine a couple years ago and liked it. I installed Norton Internet Security on the black monster machine last summer, but the machine died because of hardware faults (and the seller finally went out of business). Now I'm trying the third and supposedly more advanced product, it was an anniversary sale so it cost less than the other two. I am not impressed. It tells me that it is going to do various things when I am away from my machine, but I was away for hours and nothing got done. When I run LiveUpdate, it needs to restart the machine afterwards. And when it starts again, it has entirely forgotten what it was about to do. It has also evidently forgotten whatever it installed, because it needs to run LiveUpdate again... and restart the machine again. And again. I have also had it check the entire machine and it did not notice the trojan that lies on the desktop ready to run and take over my machine. Uncool, uncool. On the bright side, it doesn't go ZOMG UR COOKIEZ MUST DIE NAO like Spyware Doctor.
Tags: software
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