Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

"Vista doesn't get malware. Vista *is* malware."

Under Windows XP, it was generally a bad sign if your hard disk showed sustained hyperactivity after you had been away from keyboard for an extended time. It would mean that a spambot had infected your machine and was busy sending ads for viagra++ to innocent small girls around the world, when it thought you were on the loo and didn't notice.

Evidently with Windows Vista, the operating system itself is intelligent enough to do its housekeeping while idle. Thus, if you return from the sacred throne, you may find your hard disk doing aerobics for no obvious reason. It also runs like a caffeinated horse while waiting for login. (Disclaimer: Please to not actually caffeinate your little pony, as alkaloids are poisonous to them.)
Tags: computers, operating systems, software
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