Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Defecation problem

I think my rectum is twisted or bent. When I pressure, the feces don't come out, but instead a "bubble" or rectal wall comes out a bit and stops. Whatever shall I do? Does it require surgery?

The acute problem is over since the rectum finally extended enough to dump the fecal matter. No, it is not a constipation as such: The stool was firm at most, not hard or dry, but there sure were lots of it. Also, disturbingly, I had not been able to urinate for the duration, which I now did in quantities and energy normally only associated with full-length movies. -_- It would seem that the twisted rectum somehow put pressure on the urinary tract ... I vague seem to remember that the prostate gland is near the rectum, but my modesty has kept me from exploring this.
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