Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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The price of fame ...

So, it came to this. Management has politely asked me to not refer to my workplace in my online writings. Oops, seems I broke my promise already! Then again, I think they should allow a last meal. I have never named the workplace or anyone working there, only used inside code names and only told cutesy stories. I like the people, even though I am politically opposed to the actual function, and I have no enemies that I know of. Still, they were clearly worried that I might offend someone.

The south coast of Norway is our local Bible Belt, and people are more easily offended than elsewhere. If I had mocked them as mercylessly as I mock myself, I cannot imagine what would happen. It would certainly have been a good time to look for a new job!

So from now on if you wonder what's going on at my workplace, you'll have to use your imagination. And perhaps Dilbert.
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