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I did a strange thing tonight

Actually it started on my way home from work. Suddenly there flashed this sketchy comic before my eyes. Only it was, like, about me. I know I can't draw even a stick figure consistently, so it would just remain there in my head. Then I came to think of the game The Sims, which Allison Way mentioned recently. So, after much hard play, I made a webcomic strip with The Sims! I even managed to make the Sims reasonably like the original characters, but some detail was lost in the process. Sorry about that.

I threw it up instead of Pic o'the day in my more "heavy" journal, along with a short essay on love. Mostly a more thorough version of the debate here yesterday.

Or you cold just look at the color or B&W version of my very first webcomic strip ... but then I almost have to tell you that it is heavily tongue in cheek. Guess who has read too much Stubble lately ...
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