Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Napster porn?

I am entirely too fast in deleting spam. It is filtered to a special folder, where I summarily kill it off but at least I get to see the headlines so I don't risk just filtering out a mail from my best friend just because it says "I will give you money for having sex with me". Not that any such mail has been forthcoming, but I digress.

Today I summarily vaporized a batch of spam and just in their moment of departure noticed that one of them managed to say something like "Napster porn" or perhaps "Napster-like porn". Something like that. It momentarily gave me this disturbing idea of Napster and Gnutella going at it like bunnies. Given the number of small 2nd generation Napster-like programs on the Net, you have to wonder ...

Yes, I am easily amused.
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