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Continued foiling of best laid plans

As I started the PC this afternoon, it suddenly turned off. It came back up in secure mode, and after this I could only get 16 colors and 640x480 screen resolution. This persisted until I installed another driver for the graphics chipset. (Not something the average user should be supposed to do, I say.)
The computer blacked out once more, and again when the power went out here for a few minutes. I suppose the two first too were caused by interrupted power supply. Normally the power here is so stable that few care to buy an UPS.

When I tried to start DAoC to get a screenshot for tonight's article on virtual child porn, the game crashed with a cryptic error about kernel. On repeated attempts, it amended to DDRAW.DLL, which I traced to the windows system folder but otherwise could not see anything strange about. Then in a fit of inspiration I started The Sims, which also crashed but complained that I did not have DirectX 7 or higher. So now I am downloading DirectX 8.1 from Microsoft. It's worth a try, don't you think? But I can't help but think these metal heaps are actively sabotaging me...
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