Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Is it just me ...

... or should all sane people know what date it is?

I was trying to sleep on the commuter bus home; it is Friday, and I slept little last night, training a newbie in DAoC. I was disturbed by this guy saying "Excuse me? Excuse me?" insistently. When I finally looked at him, he asked me: "Can you tell me what date it is today?" "January 18th" I replied, refraining from adding "2002" just in case. People can be drugged or insane enough to not know what date it is, and still detect a barb like that. I did not want him to pull out a knife such as insane people keep on their person in case they suddenly reveal a Martian in disguise.

As I eventually quieted down enough to start to nod off again, I suddenly noticed movement. The man had started to walk forward in the bus, which was now driving on the highway, and pretty fast at that. 'He is going to attack the driver!' I thought. 'Or he will grab the steering wheel and throw the bus over in front of a truck.' But he did not. After a short conversation with the driver, which I could not hear, he wandered back and bothered no one anymore.

Note to American readers: Buses in Norway are not weirdness magnets, just a way to cheaply shuffle people to town in the morning and back in the afternoon.
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