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"Everyone" is a lightwalker

I did not know the word "lightwalker" was so insanely popular. I had only seen it used one place that I know, and now I see it has a basketload of wildly different meanings. Blah. I'll use another then, in the off case that I would ever publish anyting of this stuff. Lightwielder perhaps, thought it has a slightly different flavor. More aggressive. I'm not sure I like that. Even "lightweaver" seems a bit too active. These people do not command the Light, they serve it.

Not that any of this makes sense to anyone else, I guess. I'm writing a fantasy story set in a world where black and white magic are proven and effective and open to all who can read; but each of them carries its own price that may be heavier than a youth had calculated with.

At least there are limits to how autobiographical this could be! ^*^
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