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DAoC - worth paying for?

I've soon used up my free month of Dark Age of Camelot. Is it worth paying for? In my opinion, yes. The learning curve of this massive roleplaying game is not steep, but it is long. And broad: You can have up to 4 different characters on each server, and there is a dozen such servers. So you could switch between seeing life as a brawny troll or a brainy elf, with the sole restriction that you cannot join opposing sides on the same server. And after a month, I haven't seen nearly all of the realm, not fought nearly all of the monsters, not used more than a tiny fraction of the many different weapons and armors and spells. The game is truly massive.

There is one problem, and it does not apply to Americans. Like most Europeans, I don't have unrestricted Internet time; I pay per minute, approximately 1 per hour for a fast and stable dial-up connection. (You can get a connection for under half that, but then you will experience a lot more lag-out.) So playing this game actively will be a major part of my household expenses. I am not sure it will be worth that once the novely has worn off, frankly. But the novelty hasn't nearly worn off after a month, and that's mighty impressive in itself, I'd say!
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