Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Landlord is awake

and trying to raise my rent. He was aiming for a ridiculous raise, while his wife was urging restraint right there while I listened. I told him flatly that he can't use the prices in the city as a comparison without at least subtracting the cost of the commuter bus, or it would be cheaper for me to move to the city. His wife got him to back away without deciding on anything, but they will be back.

Time to pay off those Xmas gifts and save up for a move. The chickens are restless. Moving will always cost money in so many small ways. Shame, I liked it here. I may return when they've had another tenant who throws wild drunken parties, disappears for weeks at a time, and doesn't pay his rent. I've done that once before, and boy were they happy to see me again. It's a shame it should be necessary, though.
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