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Transgender roleplaying

I have mentioned elsewhere how I prefer to play female characters in online RPGs, because they get treated better by other player characters. (And in a high quality graphic RPG such as Dark Age of Camelot, they are also more decorative.) I don't really think it is perverse unless you have online sex, which is kinda perverse anyway. Besides, you don't really know how old online people are anyway. Some 13 years old have adult vocabulary, spelling and grammar. (I had, at that age.)

So how do I roleplay a woman? It is really quite simple.

I don't wear the same as everyone else.
I ask for directions.
I don't do suicide attacks.
I say "Silly me" when I make a mistake.
I call male player characters "boys".
I say "Wheeee!" when I ride a fast horse. (Optional.)
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