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Catching up is hard to do

I'm sitting in my cozy, cluttered basement apartment, the electric heating in the floor fighting against the creeping cold from outside, with a little help from assorted candles (and a PC, obviously. It is currently downloading StarOffice 5.2). I haven't caught up on more than a few of my favorite online comics, after my holiday. Not to mention the forums. I have kept up with LiveJournal pretty well, at least. But I may have lost out on new e-books (they are 15% off the first week) on , and I have even an un-answered mail from a good friend. Oops.

On the bright side, the Norwegian band Infinity has released a new CD. It is not up to the standard of their greatest hits such as "Happy", but it is still acceptable happy trance-dance music. Too bad their website is not up right now. Of course, none of this will help me catch up on anything else. I better hurry so I don't come late for my own funeral ... ^*^
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