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Happy birthday to me!

Yes indeed, and thank y'all for your congrats and well wishes and stuff. It is lovely to have friends!

I'm just (around midnight local time) back from my holiday holiday. It was delightful to the very end, though there could have been more innocent snuggling (which is to say, there could have been more snuggling at all). Oh well.

At least I got to see Lord of the Rings, which was exceedingly well done. I am utterly astonished at the sheer accomplishment of it. I suppose y'all have seen it already. If not, you definitely should. (I am already tempted to see it again here in Kristiansand, even though I can still replay it in my head. I don't get quite the same sound effects in my head, truth be told, and that's probably a good thing now that I think about it.)

And I guess it's a new height of xtreme purity to go to a movie with 3 girls (not relatives of mine) in the age bracket of ca 18-25 and actually remember the movie. Man, I am growing seriously old ... And I love it! ;)
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