Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Dark ages online

Yeah, I know the game is called Dark Age of Camelot. But I had forgotten how retarded people were in the Dark Ages. First, though, let me say that the game itself lives up to any hopes I may have had, except that the documentation is woefully incomplete on some features such as trade skills (non-fighting skills, such as making clothes and armor). This could largely have been circumvented by asking knowledgable players. If I ever meet any.

The game does indeed encourage cooperative play, but this can be hard to achieve. Some players are probably naturally shy, like me. Those who are not seem to usually be a few cents short of a dollar; a few straws short of a straw hat, etc. Of course, I am horribly spoiled, hanging out on the Acid Reflux forum and even occasionally the Class Menagerie forum. Oh well. More later, I hope.
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