Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Goddamned EverQuest?

For 3 days I have tried to play EverQuest, and the random adversities that stop me have grown more ruthless until now it seems my very life is at risk if I press the matter. I don't consider myself particularly superstitious: I rarely notice Friday 13 until far into the day; I walk under ladders, I don't wear lucky charms or kiss my dice. But this time I am starting to get really worried.

And the worst is, I don't know which faction of the Invisible World would try to stop me. It's not like I was planning to do unspeakable squickiness; I had planned to role play a cleric type wandering around healing people, making friends, looking at life and generally having a good time. I've done that before on a MUD which also had a very friendly and dedicated user base. (Sadly it is gone now.) I can't shake the feeling that I was trying to do a Right Thing.

But I'm not trying again today. I think.
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