Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Bought EverQuest

Not the expansion pack that requires 512MB RAM. The old one. It was fairly cheap now. I bought it because my friends warned me against it, and I read about it on the Net, how addictive it was, how students drop out of school to play EQ, and how married folks forget to have sex, and singles run off and marry people they don't know. (Incidentally, they say the same about IRC, and I kinda like IRC.) My logic is that I am so asocial that if this totally blows the brain of the more social people, it may at least pique my interest and intrigue me a little. I am so non-social that not even my father knows whether I'm alive unless he reads my online diary. (And I've always liked the guy, let me mention.) For every passing year of solitude, it's growing deeper, seeping further in. EQ should be the ideal test on my immunity to sociality.
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