Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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I'm not keeping away

It's just that I've been playing first Civ3 and then Sims Hot Date till 2-3 in the night most nights, so there isn't much time to be in forums or chat rooms. I can barely keep up with my favorite web comics!

And now that it's finally weekend, I got the urge to write about anthro squirrels. I've written a few pages. If my wrist holds, I should have played more Daggerfall. The lycanthrope guild kicked in, but I did not manage to find the contact person so I had to go back to an earlier save. (I am playing the Werefall add-on.) And I still have not written that detective quest for Daggerfall. My, life goes fast when one has fun, doesn't it?
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