Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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I got tired and went to bed for a nap, when I got this deep cough. I coughed a bit, then tried to relax and go to sleep. And heard the "whistling" tune from my bronchies. Just like when I was a kid and had asthma. That was the one really scary thing of my childhood. I used to wake up in the morning fighting to breathe. Sometimes I got asthma attacks if I had been running, or if I had played in the hay on the farm. These days, I see asthma grows more and more common. It's like a natural thing for lots of people. But I thought I'd never get it again. (And actually, it's probably something else - a bronchitis or some such.) But it still scares me. The fear I learned when I was small.
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