Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Sloppy payer

It is nice to have enough money that I can pay all my bills on time. The more does it suck to find not one but 3 overdue bills lying around when I clean out the paper spam on my living room table. Now, they were due like 4 days ago, but I shall certainly have to pay $5 in "reminder fee" (even though they don't send any reminders) for each of them. In Norway, where it is customary to pay electronically, due dates are absolute. If you pay the next day, expect a fat hand grabbing for your wallet. It sucks to be poor, but it is highly ironic when I could have paid the bills the day I got them. For some reason I forgot them on the table along with the unsolicited magazines and stuff. Oh well, this should help cushion some fat capitalist ass against the coming recession.

Edit: Disclaimer: Not that I have anything against capitalism in general. Or asses. Or even fat. They are all good for their own use.
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