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The path

I was walking briskly uphill on my way home from the bus, when suddenly pain shot through the left side of my chest, sharp and sudden like a knife between the ribs. My first thought was of course the heart, me being past 40 now and having been slightly overweight some of those years. (That, and the situation.) But I also realized that it was more likely to be my digestion. My heart was after all tested and found in athletic condition less than 2 years ago. Still, I did slow down a bit.

My path home went through an area of darkness, so complete that you could nearly collide with anyone coming. I used to be afraid of the dark, but right now it was not a priority. At the edge of the darkness is a crossroads in dark twilight. I saw and heard people coming into there from another direction, then stop and talk. As I became visible, two young girls hailed me and asked me where the road led that I came. I told them the way to the People's High School, and they were appropriately grateful. The other way they had considered would have led them in the opposite direction.

But at least as grateful was I. For now I knew that I myself was on the right Path, at least for the time being. Being exactly at the right place at the right time is what my life used to be about, back when I knew for certain that I walked in the Light. I guess there may be dark stretches even on the Path of Life, where you do not see where you are going and yet you have to keep on going to come where you should be, and to come Home.
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