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Weird dream again

Another long, weird dream this morning. Once again I was someone else, I think, or at least somewhere else. I was working for this young spoiled rich boy, and was trying to sneak in a large gift from his grandfather in America when the world ended. That is, when a giant robot came and started to destroy the world. It was, we realized over time, a giant robot of superhuman intelligence. It was not here to destroy life on Earth, but to do something that made sense to it, but not to us. Destroying all human life, perhaps all life, perhaps Earth itself, was just an unfortunate but unimportant side effect. It could even communicate with us to some degree, but mostly chose not to. We were only a much lower life form to it.

We were a small group that came together over the hours that this lasted. I can't remember all, but well less than ten. There was one young boy who always hung out in the background, in the shadow, and did not take part in our futile and childish attempts at sabotaging the giant's activities or pleading with it. Even though we were quite scared of the giant robot, it became increasingly clear that it did not want to kill us, even when we literally ran between its legs (we reached it to the ankle, approximately). On the contrary, it seemed to want to spare us. Toward the end it managed to convey that it considered us the way we consider flowers. It wanted to pick some of us with it when it left Earth and keep us until we withered. One of the girls told me that the boy in the background was the key. He had known the robot longer than the rest, and there was one thing we could do to stop it: Open a small unit that stood on the ground, and change the date inside. Evidently it was some kind of time machine. But while she was opening the thing and I was distracting, the clock radio waked me.

And people wonder why I feel the need to write fiction sometimes ...
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