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Not only in cartoons

I had been sitting in the living room for like 3 hours, then I went to the bathroom and took a shower. And while I was showering, the phone rang. I mean, it's not every week someone calls me, and then they manage to do so while I'm in the shower. (I only shower a few minutes each day - I don't adhere to the American use of showers, and besides I'm over 40 years old., believe it or not.) Anyway, I turned off the shower and set off for the phone. But I was dripping wet and the floor is not carpeted, it's some kind of linoleum that turns slippery when wet. I did not fall, but I had to balance like I was on ice, and of course the phone stopped ringing when I was 1 meter away. Now I'll never know who it was.

On the bright side, 2 out of 3 phone calls are wrong number. Out of the rest, about half are from the phone company trying to get me to subscribe to some new service or asking how satisfied I am with the ones I already have. (I kinda doubt they work on Sundays, though.) Most of the rest is some old friend or relative who suddenly remember me when their computer unexpectedly dies.
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