Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Don't you hate it ...

... when your Planetarion research and construction both end at the same time and both end an hour after you would go to bed?
"Repeat after me: It is just a game."
It is just a game.
It is just a game.
It is just a game, but everyone in my galaxy depend on me to do the right thing! ^_^
Those are 24 real people out there, only slightly retarded. (Can't spell "you" with more than one letter, for instance.) Kinda like puppies. You would not want to disappoint a puppy now would you? At least unlike some of them I don't give my mobile phone number so my galaxy mates can wake me if we're under attack. Instead, I build planetary defense to make any invasion sooo not worth it. I am, after all, a porcupine, right? Bite me ... at your own risk. ^*^
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