Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

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Ordered a 128 MB memory card for Cassie the Pocket PC. That's a significant upgrade from 32 MB ... As it is, I get by with deleting my e-books as soon as I have read them. (I rarely need to read a book more than once. If I forget it after that, it's because it is forgettable and deserves it. The main exceptions being holy scriptures and the graphic novels Watchmen and Solar: Alpha & Omega.) Anyway, I have a number of nice MP3 files (all legally obtained from that I would have loved to bring with me. And a few more Avantgo channels wouldn't be a loss either. Or even increasing the channel depth on one or two. I often find myself reading Nova Notes on the bus and there's some crucial offsite link, and Cassie can't give me it. Hopefully this will now change. Boy have those things fallen in price since first I saw them.

Now I just need a longer commute so I get time to read all this stuff and listen to all this music ...
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