October 18th, 2010



Like a lot of Norwegians, I was incredibly tired this morning. Also like a lot of Norwegians, I had to get to the bathroom as soon as I got up. (In fact, this was what I dreamed about when I woke up, running from one occupied or unlockable toilet to the next.) Generally I feel physically miserable, hurting and shivering. But unlilke so many of my countrymen, I have not used any pleasure drugs stromger than chocolate, and that in extreme moderation.

Friday evening I realized that I just might have eaten a little more fat than I should. Sunday passed witout any fat poisoning though, so I thought I had escaped it. Probably not. At least I think that was the explanation, since I have so many symptoms in common with it: The shivering chills, the hyperactive digestion, the unnatural sleepiness and temporarily reduced imtelligence. Haven't had much fear this time, but I sometimes miss out on 1 symptom if it is a mild attack. New this time is chest stiffness and a mild headache, but this may come from the half-baked head cold that broke out this morning.

As long as it does not get worse, it does not affect my basic state of happiness. But it does prevent me from going to work, and that on a day when I actually had enough work to do, so that is a reduced opportunity. The pay is the same, this being Norway after all, but work is love after all.
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